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Other things
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Other things
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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Beware of Hidden Cameras

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While You Were Sleeping...

This is what good men do when you are not looking...

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My New Account
Sunday, May 21, 2006
My new account is starting to be a pain in the ass. It hasn't gone live but it already is giving me headaches.

The first task is to determine what we think would be the best service window for us. So thhey provided us with their Monthly and Daily contact volume. Err... Those don't really help because for us to determine when it would be best for us to be open, we have to know when during the day we can maximize our agents. What we need is a sample of how their intra-day arrival pattern looks like.

We need to call the client again to get them this. Well, they managed to get us one. However, we do intra-days are usually done in 30-minute intervals (sometimes 15) and yet they gave us just an hourly interval pattern. So I just assumed that every 30 mins is just half of the hourly volume, death to accuracy.

The next task is to determine how much volume the kick off FTE can handle. Usually, a client would tell us how many calls they will be routing to our center and from there we determine how many agents can handle it. We use this formula:

Well, it just a simple workback to get the number of calls we can handle. However, here lies the problem. Based on the volume that they sent us, their volume seems to drop constanly every month. If we expect that to normalize for the coming months, their proposed number of agents can handly more than what they can supply us. We would be under utilizing our agents.

I already sent my reccommendations to my boss and we'll see if I'm just worrying to much or not.
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Patabaing Baboy Week...
With all the calories that I consumed because of my 3 day long birthday celebration, I can't believe I was so lazy to go to the gym. The only day that I took gym seriously was yesterday.

I read an article about people who go to the gym and take their couch potato attitudes with them. Unfortunately, I feel that I'm one of them. So there goes my 2,990 pesos per month.

Starting Monday, I swear I'll take the gym more seriously. I need to finally get rid of those baby fats. And I'll start to diet.

So Lord help me.
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Tuesday, May 16, 2006
I'm being pirated by a rival call center...

My thoughts, unless they offer me something like at least 30% more than what I'm currently getting, with the same non tangible benefits, will I plan to consider.

I love PoepleSupport so much!


I will be handling one of our new accounts. I'm so excited. Got in a client call once and it seems that this one is quite shrewed. That is supposed to make things more interesting. I'll be working on their forecast analysis this week to come up with the best service window for them. I haven't seen the SOW... I'll dig that up later.


Long weekends can sometimes be such a pain. I expect to be harrassed when I came back on Tuesday. Meetings galore and hello thousands of emails!!!

Oh well... There's no such thing as free lunch...


This perks me up every morning.

The Jamie, Jack & Stench Show at Star 98.7 FM

Enjoy them weekday mornings... They are on Central Standard Time (I think...).
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My Birthday Recount
I really didn't plan my birthday to be so much of a big deal. Somehow, I think my 24th year will be a special one so I guess I needed to give it its proper welcome. Well, apparently, everyone in my YM friends list knew about my birthday. I made a countdown in my status message so everyone who im's me would always call me "birthday boy." I kinda enjoyed it.

Also, since May 14 happens to be the start of a work week. Everytime I mention it in my emails for changes in schedules, movements and realeases I would put in quotes: "My birthday :)".

I guess that made me and the people I work with excited about my big day. The DR Training team even gave me a gift. They said I deserved it because they love me and appreciate all the hard work that I do for them. The though that they appreciate me (despite of me being suplado...) is a gift already.

On the big day itself, I managed to get myself enough sleep. I woke up a bit late. Just in time for us to go out and have lunch. Since its also mothers day, I thought it would be the best time to treat my mom and my other aunts out. We didn't make any reservations. Now I learned why making reservations are really important. While waiting to be seated I was busy observing how they do their operations. I realized that the "Queueing Theory" is also useful outside the contact center industry. Thanks to Agner Erlang. =)

After we feasted, we headed to Robinsons Place to shop. I never really saw anything that I like because the place is so crowded so I just window shopped for home furnishings with my mom. After that we watched Posiedon. For me it was a disappointment. Although Christian was so hot, I hope the movie gave importance to the characters as well.

I asked them to drop me in Hidalgo (yes its in Quiapo...) so I can do my DVD shopping. I baught 7 titles and I was so excited with "SHadowless Sword," a Korean martial arts film. I love it so much. Nice story, fight scenes... everything. I place it in the ranks of Seven Swords and The Promise.

My boss also allowed me to be on leave on Monday. He's so nice! That gave me a chance to see Henry. We saw "Reincarnation." I have to say sorry to Henry because I was really really sleeply and I slept for one part or two. After that we played Tekken in PS2. As expected he got creamed. We had dinner and dessert. Seeing him was nice. I love his company and I really wouldn't mind if we get together even everyday.

Since I had a long weekend, and there's the storm I got to sleep alot. That's why I'm only recounting everything only now.

Thanks to all who wished me well on my birthday!
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Yet Another Year...
Ok... I really dont know how to start this but here goes nothing...

I'M 24!!!

After 525,600 minutes of waiting, loving, hating, fighting, laughfing and living life, I am yet faced with another year. Yes, i know I have been blessed so much for the past year. I have worked so hard and set high standards for myself. Now I'm realizing some of the fruits of my hard work. And I know more than anything else, the best is yet to come.

I'm wiser than ever and I know the world will make way for me.
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Camwhoring To The Max!
Monday, May 08, 2006
Ice Age 3... Hehe...

The New Superfriends...

My New Girlfriend...

The Usual Bali-leeg Pose...

Its The National Pink Day...

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All The Hard Work For Nothing...
I hate it!

There is this new account that I'm handling and I shall call it "D." According to countless client calls, D is supposed to go live May 6 3 PM EST (May 7 3 AM MLA). So on my end, I preapared early. I made sure that my schedule file is already in place with a working break schedule and after I received the final list of agents, I did the schedule assignments and plotted their corresponding interims. The training schedule is already in place and the agents were informed of this.

Wednesday night, we received an email saying that the client wants the live date one day earlier. We were all mad about it. The agents who are supposed to take their off that night did not show up. We can't have the training on the same day as the live date. Ops jsut wouldn't want to pay for overtime. So our team decided to just conduct the training that night. That means calling up the agents and telling them to just come to work. I made a handfull of schedule adjustments so that they will not be tagged as late and be accommodated in the training. At that point I know the agents are getting pissed and they are blaming it all to on because I make their schedules.

We got through Wednesday night and hoped that everything will go well on Friday night.

When Friday night came, I was busy setting up D. I sent out an email to inform everyone that we are going live that night. I was orienting the RTA's on how to monitor the account. Two hours before the big event, an email came in saying that the client decided to go live on May 8th instead.

All of us wanted to jump out of the building because of dismay. All the hard work for nothing.

I think this account will be a pain in the ass!
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On One on One...
Atlas, I'm done with my feedback session! Its one of my most dreaded part in work. When the boss goes to your station with his steno pad and says, "Are you ready?" it really gives me the unstoppable throb.

I know I had my share of misses and the result of the feedback got me so surprised. Bill told me how he thinks that I'm doing a really good job. He likes it how I managed to build a good relationship with Ops (considering the fights that I picked earlier on...hehehe...). Moreover, he noticed how Ops, in a short span of time gve their confidence on me. He got impressed on how I give them staffing anylsis, forecasts and reccommendations like I'm already a seasoned Forecaster and Scheduler.

When it was my turn to tell him my thoughts about my job and about him, I returned the favor and told him that I think he is running the house quite smoothly. I told him how I like his ability to determine who needs help and attention. He usually lets me do my thing. He even lets me do my own client calls. And as a person who likes to do things my own way, I like that.


It realy feels good to know that your efforts are appreciated.
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Will You Light My Candle?
Monday, April 10, 2006
I watched Rent last weekend in G4 alone (here I go again) before I went to Ring's drinking party at her place.

Rent was spectacular. I never imagined it to be that good. The stage production did not catch my attention. But when they filmed it and I saw Paloys came out of the cinema and told me how good it was and how it made him cry, I told myself that I should never miss this one.

And I didn't. And I love it so much!

I get to identify with Rodger. Both of us have excess baggages that keeps us from moving on. Things that happened in the past keep me from enjoying like and living it like heaven is on earth. They have given me so much inhibitions and fears that I sometimes can't seem to recognize myself.

But enough of the drama.

I personally think Benny was hot. Hehehehe... And Mark reminded me of Marlon.

While they were singing Seasons of Love I day dreamed that I was part of it.

Well I really love it and I'll definitely grad a DVD copy.
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Friday, March 17, 2006
This is a test post from
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Christmas and Work
Friday, December 30, 2005
I can't believe I've spent Christmas away from my family because of work. And now it will be the same thing for New Year's Eve. The last time we weren't complete was when my mom had to be in Sydney to take care of my Gramps. I was 16 back then. For me that was one lonely Christmas.

This year, I was a bit indifferent. I mean I wasn't happy that I'm working but then again, I wasn't that lonely not being with my family on Christmas Eve. I don't know why but I guess, when you mature, you try to let go of things you've gotten used to and hold on others. And at my age, I' doing just that but I'm still trying to be discerning so as not to let of the things that makes me whole.

I love work. Don't get me wrong, I don't love my job. It's more stressful than what I was doing months earlier. But I love to work. It keeps me sharp. It makes me more responsible. It makes me independent. It makes me more mature.
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